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How to Prepare Herbal Medicines?

Natural medicines are indeed helpful. They can effectively treat many diseases. However, every herbal medicine doesn’t follow same preparation procedures. There are various ways by which herbal medicines are prepared. One herb can be prepared by diverse range of methods. These methods are simple and easy.

Things you may need:

When you prepare any herb for medicinal purpose, you may require following things:

  • Blender: To grind ingredients.
  • Cheesecloth
  • Double boilers: These boilers should not have aluminum and copper.
  • Enamel Pots
  • Glassware
  • Jars with lid: For storing herbal medicines
  • Scale: To measure quantities of the things you use.
  • Spoons (Preferably wooden)
  • Strainer: For straining mixtures

Methods of Preparation:

Method#1 – Hydrotherapy

Therapies with herbal bath are of very much importance. Hydrotherapy is highly effective for treating topical disorders especially skin diseases. For herbal baths, add great quantity of required herb in a cloth bag then immerse this bag in water. Herbal extracts will dissolve in water.

Method#2 – Tea

Tea is one form to have herbal medicine. Preparing herbal tea is very easy. Follow these steps:

  • In pint of boiling water, add about an ounce of herb you require.
  • Boil it for over 10 minutes.
  • Strain and drink.

Method#3 – Cold Extract

Herbs can be consumed as cold extract. For that purpose, you can add herb in cold water and leave for about twelve hours then drink. Mostly, herbs are left over night in water.

Method#4 – Powder

Mortar and pestle and blender – these two things are used to grind herbs in powder form. To use herbs in powder form by using this procedure:

  • Smash herb into small pieces
  • Grind them in blender or mortar and pestle to convert the pieces into powder.
  • Consume this powder by adding it to foods and drinks.

Further, this powder can be used to create tincture. For that purpose:

  • Make mixture of 4 ounces of herb and 2 ½ cups of 60-proof alcohol.
  • For 14 days, let it stay in warm surroundings.
  • You can use it directly or can make its tea by adding water.

Method#5 – Cream

Some skin problems can be corrected with the use of herbal cream or ointment. Creams from herbs can be made by following this given method:

  • Take one part of herbal powder.
  • Mix it in four parts of petroleum jelly.
  • Add gum benzoin to make it last longer.

Method#6 – Compression

Compression is effectual in many diseases. Compress of herb can be applied by bathing a cloth in herbal mixture and then applying it to affected area. Herbal compresses are hot and cold. They are made as per requirement.

Method#7 – Poultice

In many conditions, poultice is more effective than compression. In this method, herbs are blended and applied directly instead of making liquid mixture.

These are some trouble-free ways of using herbs. Every ailment has its own requirement. Before trying any of these methods, do your research and find the best way to use your desired herb in more efficient way.

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