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Benefits and Detriments of Alternative Herbal Supplements

supplementsNatural herbal remedies are believed by many to be the most effective solution to address the increasing variety of health-related issues today. As an alternative to synthetic drugs frequently prescribed by their phisicians, smart customers nowadays are searching for alternative solutions to deal with their health issues without having to spend a lot of money for treatment, and also possible side effects and adverse reactions to the chemical substances officially used on man made products.

Before transitioning towards alternative treatment it would be advisable to understand the benefits and detriments of herbal remedies to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth in responding to your health-related problems.

Benefit 1 – Natural Ingredients

Reputable health-related and pharmaceutical businesses that provide you with herbal supplements only take advantage of natural ingredients for their products. Taking out the natural compounds present in plants is very carefully developed to make certain that each and every pill or capsule is filled with the essential ingreadients to address your health issues and enhance your body’s natural process of recovery.

When you look at the labels of herbal products, you will see that they are really coming from the extractions of plants. No man made chemical compounds and recipes are needed to create the medication.

Benefit 2 – Money Wise Option

A big benefit of herbal products is their price. They are much less expensive in comparison to synthetic drugs commonly prescribed by doctors these days.
The main reason why alternative herbal supplements are less costly is due to the ingredients used in them. Simply no costly chemical substances are used in the formulation of the remedies. Their ingredients could be cultivated nearly anywhere under the appropriate conditions.

Benefit 3 – No Side Effects or Adverse Reactions

You really don’t need to be overly careful about what you ingest in herbal products for your health ailments. Because the ingredients are all-natural, you don’t have to be vigilant about adverse reactions which can compromise your health.

Nevertheless it would be advised to check with your physician before using any herbal medicine. Even if the product worked for most, there are no guarantees that it will have the same effect when you consume it yourself.

Detriments Of Using Herbal Remedies

Considering all the benefits previously stated some might think that there won’t be any complications when using herbal remedies whenever they feel like it. This is a common misconception that can lead to other, and possibly more severe, health issues.

Despite the fact that herbal remedies are classified as supplements they should never be treated as safe. Proper formulation and dosage is necessary for a safe use. Users are urged to follow the dosage marked on the label of the herbal supplement or to consult a health expert or family physician to determine the proper usage of the product and check for specific medication interactions.

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VIDEO: Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

cold & flu remediesWatch the video and learn about natural remedies that may speed your recovery from colds or flu.

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Exploring the Herbal Cure for Arthritis

Arthritis is something that plagues most people at one time or another. Unfortunately, some of the people that are afflicted by it suffer from it so much that they are unable to carry out daily activities such as walking or taking a shower on their own. While there are over 100 specific forms of arthritis, the most common forms are osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to being the two most common forms of the disease, they are largely responsible for most of the cases that prevent individuals from living their lives to the fullest. As a result of the effects of the disease, many people have found themselves trying one medication after another. While some over the counter medications and prescription medications are effective to a point, they also come with a multitude of side effects. Therefore, many people have made the decision to turn to herbal supplements as a means of treating the disease without the risk of such significant side effects. Below are the three effective herbal ingredients that are used in supplements to treat the various forms of arthritis.




Capsaicin comes in the form of a topical ointment or in herbal supplements. It often relieves arthritis pain by reducing the inflammation that is associated with it in addition to increasing circulation to affected areas. It provides relief by blocking the pain signals from nerve endings that cause a person to experience pain. Several studies have been done surrounding the effectiveness of capsaicin and it has been found that approximately 80% of patients that have participated in such studies did in fact find relief when using it.


Reishi Gano


Reishi Gano

This is a popular, edible mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum). It has been used for centuries in Asian medicine and it has been found to be quite effective against the pain of arthritis. It is so effective that it is also used for several other diseases that cause patients to experience pain. It reduces or eliminates pain in several different ways. Perhaps the most important is that it is capable of blocking the signals from pain receptors so that an individual who is taking the supplement never feels the pain to begin with or feels it in a far less severe state. However, the supplement also acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the inflammation that is so common in arthritis. It is also thought to boost the immune system, helping patients to be better able to fight off the effects of arthritis and other diseases on their own.

Tongkat Ali


Tongkat Ali

This supplement is derived from a root of a plant that grows in Malaysia. It produces the hormone within the body that is known to boost energy, thereby helping arthritis patients to combat fatigue. Because fatigue is such a common symptom with arthritis, the use of the supplement is effective in helping them to feel more energetic and thereby helping them be better able to carry out daily activities. Moreover, the supplement is believed to increase bone density and muscle mass, two vitally important factors in combating arthritis and protecting patients who are already suffering from the disease against bone fracture, which may occur along with arthritis. Use of the supplement also increases blood flow to the body, helping to alleviate pain and increase healing properties to areas that are affected by the disease.

By using these three plants or herbs, people who are suffering from arthritis may be able to find the relief that they have been looking for. This is especially true of individuals who have already tried several other types of treatment programs with little or no success.

R.D.K holdings S.A

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Dandelion – A Nature’s Gift


Dandelion is a common weed that is known to possess many health benefits. This plant gets its name because of the resemblance between lion’s tooth and its leave. Dandelion is capable of inducing numerous health associated positive effects.

Dandelion is not only common in humans – animals also know what this plant can do. Honey bee makes honey with it. Different animals use this plant for various purposes. Some use it to increase milk production. Human use this plant for taste and also for the treatment of wide range of ailments. Its leaves are used in salad, soups, and sandwiches and in making of medicines.

Essential Elements of Dandelion

As alternative medicine, roots and leaves of dandelion are commonly used. A very strong milky white juice is found in root of Dandelion. This juice has many medicinal properties. Infant Dandelion plant produces more health benefits than adult plant.

Medical Properties of Dandelion

Medicinal properties of Dandelion have been known from ages. Other medical effects of this plant are given below:


Firstly, Dandelion had been used in tenth century as a treatment of liver cancer. It is used for treating chronic liver problems. People have reported that soup of young roots of this weed provides great effectiveness in alleviating liver symptoms.

Urinary Tract

Dandelion is highly known for the treatment f urinary tract diseases, mainly kidney disorders. For the treatment of urinary diseases, Dandelion tea is used. In boiling water, one ounce of Dandelion juice is added with honey to cure urinary symptoms.

Digestive Tract

Dandelion is known to have laxative properties. It improves digestion. In upset stomach, it is also effective. It can treat gallstones successfully.

Skin Problems

In many topical diseases, Dandelion holds much importance. It can treat eczema. If juice of stalk of this weed is applied directly to warts, it can also cure them.

The major benefit of using Dandelion is that its higher doses are non-poisonous. Mainly, it is combined with other agents to produce better results. Quantity of Dandelion to be used is entirely dependent on the purpose of its usage like in piles three wine glasses of its mixture are consumed in a day whereas in liver and kidney disorders, only one teaspoon is required. Dandelion is a helpful plant in many diseases and one best alternative medicine. However, every person is different and has special requirement. Talk to your doctor before using Dandelion to know if you really need it.

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