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Benefits of Taking Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Coffee_GreenGreen coffee bean extract has been widely used for years already by health companies, because the beans believed to be an advantage for losing weight naturally and achieving healthy body. In India, many people drink green coffees, because they claimed that the drinks can heal any ailments in their bodies as well as losing weight in just few weeks. And because of that, many people from across the globe have testified it and claimed that the beans really give positive results.

People are confused whether green coffee bean extracts are the same with teas and other coffees. According to David Johnson, the CEO and founder of Natural Process, “Green coffee bean extract doesn’t have caffeine and is a non-stimulating herbal, making it safe to take by people.” Other forms of coffees and teas are dangerous to individuals, although these are believed to be effective on losing weight. Moreover, it also has other negative effects, such as insomnia and extreme stress. Whereas green coffee beans may not aggravate health issues in people and cause any harmful effects.

These beans contain all natural substances that are good for one’s health without fillers and additives. It is made and processed from natural and unroasted beans with 50 percent chlorogenic acid. These extracts don’t have any drug additives unlike other caffeinated drinks, which are more than likely to result in nervousness and other negative side effects.

The active ingredient, chlorogenic acid, functions as a barrier which can prevent the change of glucose into fat. In addition, it speeds up one’s metabolism and helps burns fat. Unlike other drinks containing caffeine, it suppresses one’s appetite and makes him or her lose weight unhealthily. That is why a lot of people now rely on green coffee supplements, as they can eat well and lose weight at the same time.

However, taking these supplements without an advice from a health professional can cause other side effects as well. This is the reason why green coffee supplements have instructions written on the labels about the daily intake required. One should follow the instructions in order to get the amount of nutrients from taking these herbals. In addition to that, some may have health issues already, they may want to see a doctor whether they can take these extracts with their condition or not.

Are green coffee bean extracts really effective on losing weight fast? A recent study shows that a number of people, who have been taking these extracts, claimed that they lose weight in just a short period of time. The University of Scranton located in Pennsylvania, studied 16 obese individuals as subjects for the supplements. They were advised to retain their eating habits but do exercise regularly, and take the supplement 30 minutes before taking their meals. The number of times required for the supplement intake is three times daily. After 22 weeks, the subjects lost 22 pounds, which is equal to 10 percent body weight loss. When planning to take supplements like those with green coffee beans, it is very important to do regular exercise and eat healthy foods. With these combinations, not only that one will lose weight naturally, but also get the right amount of nutrients in the body.


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