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Herbal Remedies For Hot Flashes


Menopause or perimenopause is a time of great changes in a woman body. Many changes are produced in her body due to alterations in hormone levels. Hot flash is the most common symptom and almost every woman suffers from it in her menopause age or just before it.
Increased heat flushes are felt in face and legs. Especially hot flashes at night are very common. Finding a long-lasting cure for this condition is very necessary. Many synthetic methods are available in market but their associated adverse effects are much greater than the cure they provide.
Herbal treatment is the best option for treating hot flashes. From many centuries, women have been seeking help from natural compounds to get relieve from this condition.
At menopausal age, levels of many essential female hormone decline. Women receive hormone therapy to correct these levels. However, hormone replacement therapy doesn’t suit all. Its use is controversial. Nature is full of many herbs that contain female hormone naturally and in very ideal amount. Using these herbs can help to alleviate hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. Some renowned plants for the treatment of hot flashes are:


Flaxseed is also renowned as linseed. Its oil and whole seed, both are effectual for treating hot flashes. Women have been using flaxseed from early times to cure hot flash symptoms. It is not proven scientifically yet, but it produces great effectiveness.

Evening primrose oil

Using evening primrose oil during menopause can treat hot flashes. Some women complained that this herb is associated with adverse effects like nausea and diarrhea. It is better to take doctor’s advice before using primrose oil. It may produce unfavorable effects when used with blood thinning drugs and other medicines.

Soy Products

Estrogen is a main female hormone. Soy products have isoflavones that have chemical similar to estrogen. Many women use soy foods to reduce hot flashes than soy supplements because they are more effective. Presence of estrogen like hormone makes it highly effective for treating menopausal symptoms.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is another herb that is used to treat symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. It is a short term treatment. It produces good results but may lead to stomach upset.

There are other herbs also that can treat more than one symptom of menopause. These herbs are available easy and do not have severe adverse effects that are present with the use of synthetic drugs. These herbs have been helping women since ancient time and they can still help.

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