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Effective Herbal Remedies for Nail Fungus

XN_Matricaria_recutita_00Onychomycosis or dermatophytic onychomycosis are the scientific names of nail fungal infection. This condition accounts for about half of all nails diseases. Toenails get affected more than fingernails.
Nail fungal infections are usually treated with anti-fungal agents. Many herbs and plants are natural anti-fungal and can treat onychomycosis without producing any adverse effects to the body. Some of these plants are given below:
Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is known for their anti-microbial properties. It is widely used to treat topical fungal diseases.
How to use:

  • In hot water, add apple cider vinegar and some Epsom salt.
  • Soak infected nails in this water.
  • Keep your hands or feet in this water as long as you can.
  • Repeat it twice or thrice a day.
  • Drink diluted apple cider vinegar daily to boost natural abilities of body to kill bacteria and fungi.

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Chamomile is renowned for its bacteria and fungi fighting abilities. It kills them and inhibits their growth.
How to use:

  • Make chamomile tea and drink it.
  • You can also directly apply chamomile tea to nails.
  • For fast remedy, apply three times a day.

Cayenne is commonly known as pepper. Good circulation is required for better treatment as it transports nutrients and fungus fighting cells to infected site. Cayenne pepper has potency to increase circulation. It is used to enhance self defense mechanism.
Echinacea is immune booster and member of daisy flower. It supports body in various ways and highly effective against infections.
Garlic is not only a taste enhancer; it has many positive health effects. In addition to its various medicinal properties, garlic is also an anti-fungal agent and can be used to treat nail fungal infection.
How to use:

  • Make garlic juice and apply to infected nails with the help of cotton.
  • Apply it 2-3 times a day.
  • You can also eat it to enhance immunity.

Green Tea
Green tea is a complete treatment of many diseases. It is a powerful antifungal agent. Green tea boosts immune response and makes body strong to fight fungus.
How to use:

  • Boil green tea in water.
  • Apply this tea to infected area.
  • Drink green tea to increase your natural fungus fighting abilities.

Ginger root:
There is a big list associated with health benefits related to ginger use. It decreases inflammation and protects body from cardiovascular diseases. It also boosts immunity. Ginger consumption improves ability of body to fight fungal and other infections.
Olive Leaf Extract
Olive leaf extract is a natural antibiotic. It is highly effective antimicrobial agent that is proven beneficial against every virus, bacterium and fungus. It can treat wide range of fungal infections. It kills fungus from its root. Other than destroying fungus, it also cleans body from toxic chemicals that are produced by fungus. It also boosts body abilities to fight other infections and invasions.
Snakeroot leaf extract
Snakeroot leaf extracts are antimicrobial. They are able to treat superficial fungal infections very effectively.
Thymol is a common component of cold symptom products. It is a thyme derivative. It is a potent antifungal agent. Its antimicrobial activities destroy fungal protective layers and boost their elimination. It is applied on fungal infections directly.
Final Verdict:
These herbal treatments are indeed helpful but consult your doctor before using any of these herbs, especially if you are taking any other medicine.

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