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Green Tea: An effective Health Promoter

fpx206062History and Green Tea Benefits

Green tea consumption – for medicinal purposes – is not something new. By ancient Chinese, it has been used for different medicinal purposes. For 4,000 years, it remained as their therapeutic priority. From depression to cancer, they used it for diverse diseases.

Modern Science and Green Tea Benefits

Green tea health benefits are also accepted by modern scientists. Many scientific studies have been conducted to find effectiveness of green tea on various diseases. These studies reported that green tea has many health benefits. In present world, green tea advantages are proved by different researches.

Why Green tea induces positive health effects?

Health benefits of green tea are undeniable. The compound which provides green tea with all these positive health properties is “catechin polyphenol”. Green tea is obtained from camellia sinensis plant. Polyphenols are present in leaves of this plant. These leaves are crushed and formed into green tea.

Antioxidant agents are highly effective against cancer and many other disorders. Anti-oxidant properties of polyphenols are very strong that is why they have powerful effects against various diseases.

Health benefits of Green Tea:

Green tea is a natural beverage. Its use is safe and free of side effects. Health benefits associated with the consumption of green tea are:

  • It possesses anti-cancer properties that make it effectual to be used with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to improve outcomes of cancer therapy.
  • It reduces risk of different types of cancers without producing damage to normal tissues of the body.
  • It enhances body energy levels and helps body to burn more calories. This property makes green tea a wondrous “weight loss agent”.
  • It reduces cholesterol levels and thus it is beneficial in providing protection against cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is effective against inflammatory diseases like arthritis.
  • It may alleviate headaches and pains like joint pain.
  • It prevents plague and controls oral cavity bacteria.
  • It helps in bad breath problems and also in other oral cavities issues.

Green Tea is beneficial but not a miracle:

Although, green tea has many positive medicinal properties but remember that it is not a miracle cure. It can provide protection against various health problems but consulting doctor in serious health problems is also necessary.

Green tea is not a substitute of routine medical checkups. It can add up some extra positivity in your life but treatment that is prescribed by doctor is also important. Green tea can help in curing many diseases faster and also delays onset of various adverse health conditions.

Adding green day in your daily diet plan can produce many positive impacts on your health. Its use is also safe. The only way to check if it is beneficial for you is to try it. Caffeine in it may produce harm. It is better to use decaffeinated tea, if you don’t want caffeine.

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