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Tea: A Super Drink For Weight Loss


Tea is the second most highly consumed beverage in the world. This aromatic beverage doesn’t provide taste only but has large list of health benefits. It is well-known that tea is capable of providing protection against heart diseases and can work as a stress reliever. Tea can also reduce weight. You may think… How tea is helpful in reducing weight? The answer is given below.

Tea and Weight loss:

Tea directly influences various body functions which makes it a perfect weight loss beverage. Tea is helpful in reducing weight by:

  • Boosting Energy

Tea is a natural energy booster. It provides body with higher energy level without producing any adverse effects. When energy level is high – you exercise extra which burns more fats.

  • Enhancing Metabolic Rate

Increase metabolic rate means increase burning of fat calories. People with naturally enhanced metabolic rate are usually lean. Tea can significantly enhance body metabolic rate. About 80 extra calories can be burned in a day if you consume tea with exercise.

Green tea can increase body metabolism indirectly also. Our body produces a hormone that is known as norepinephrine. This hormone improves metabolic rate that helps to burn more fats. Green tea has a compound called flavonoid, which increases utilization of norepinephrine and thus augments body metabolic rate.

  • Increasing Fat Oxidation Speed

Tea is known to increase fat oxidation speed which further improves fat reduction in body.

These effects are only achievable by consuming 3 to 5 cups of green tea daily. When comparison of placebo and green tea was done, it was seen that placebo group didn’t develop any difference in their body metabolic rate whereas green tea consumers showed improve metabolism.

R.D.K holdings S.A

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Why tea is an excellent product to add in your diet plan?

Tea can produce outstanding results if added in daily diet plan. It doesn’t produce any side effects which are produced by weight loss pills and powders. Tea should be added in your diet plan because

  • It enhances energy without the need of any harmful steroid supplement.
  • It strengthens body natural defense mechanism. It boosts immune system without any harmful effects.
  • It reduces arthritis and acts as anti-inflammatory agent. This property helps to reduce chance of developing inflammatory diseases.
  • It lessens risk of cancer.
  • It fulfills daily water requirement of body.

Which tea to select is up to you and your body needs. If caffeine doesn’t suit you best, try to take decaffeinated tea. If little caffeine is good for you then take normal tea. Tea is helpful in reducing some extra pounds without increasing risk of different diseases. It is better than weight loss pills in every single way. Weight loss pills are even reported to produce heart diseases and addiction.

If you are searching for the best and highly safe method to reduce some extra pounds, tea is what you need. Even if you are not planning for any diet plan, consume tea daily because it can keep your body in shape by improving various physiological functions.

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