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Dandelion – A Nature’s Gift


Dandelion is a common weed that is known to possess many health benefits. This plant gets its name because of the resemblance between lion’s tooth and its leave. Dandelion is capable of inducing numerous health associated positive effects.

Dandelion is not only common in humans – animals also know what this plant can do. Honey bee makes honey with it. Different animals use this plant for various purposes. Some use it to increase milk production. Human use this plant for taste and also for the treatment of wide range of ailments. Its leaves are used in salad, soups, and sandwiches and in making of medicines.

Essential Elements of Dandelion

As alternative medicine, roots and leaves of dandelion are commonly used. A very strong milky white juice is found in root of Dandelion. This juice has many medicinal properties. Infant Dandelion plant produces more health benefits than adult plant.

Medical Properties of Dandelion

Medicinal properties of Dandelion have been known from ages. Other medical effects of this plant are given below:


Firstly, Dandelion had been used in tenth century as a treatment of liver cancer. It is used for treating chronic liver problems. People have reported that soup of young roots of this weed provides great effectiveness in alleviating liver symptoms.

Urinary Tract

Dandelion is highly known for the treatment f urinary tract diseases, mainly kidney disorders. For the treatment of urinary diseases, Dandelion tea is used. In boiling water, one ounce of Dandelion juice is added with honey to cure urinary symptoms.

Digestive Tract

Dandelion is known to have laxative properties. It improves digestion. In upset stomach, it is also effective. It can treat gallstones successfully.

Skin Problems

In many topical diseases, Dandelion holds much importance. It can treat eczema. If juice of stalk of this weed is applied directly to warts, it can also cure them.

The major benefit of using Dandelion is that its higher doses are non-poisonous. Mainly, it is combined with other agents to produce better results. Quantity of Dandelion to be used is entirely dependent on the purpose of its usage like in piles three wine glasses of its mixture are consumed in a day whereas in liver and kidney disorders, only one teaspoon is required. Dandelion is a helpful plant in many diseases and one best alternative medicine. However, every person is different and has special requirement. Talk to your doctor before using Dandelion to know if you really need it.

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