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Relation of Herbal Treatment and Modern Medicine


In the present time, we are able to cure diseases which were used to be fatal. For instance, malaria had been an incurable disease once; now it can be treated with the help of easily available anti-malarial drugs. Journey to malaria cure has been started when bark of cinchona tree found to be effective against it. Willow bark is a natural pain killer that had been used in old times; aspirin is its replica nowadays. Advancement in modern medicine has only become possible because of herbal remedies that our ancestors used.
Plants were not a food source only in our past; they were used to cure diseases and different ailments. Herbs helped our specie to survive different pandemics. As our ancestors used different herbs, they became more aware and selective in choosing a plant for cure. With their experiences, they came to know which part of the plant is beneficial for them and which part is not. When people started to travel, better remedies came into being. They learned more and ideas were exchanged. This improved herbal treatment greatly.

History tells us that our ancestors used plants for treatment. Archeologists provided us with evidence for that. Plants were used for treatment in almost every part of the world. At that time, there was no communicating system like we have today. But still, history showed that their ways of herbal treatment were almost same.

Herbs that were proved beneficial were remembered and passed down in a family. People learned that way of treatment and generations got benefit from it. Some herbal treatment techniques were also found in written form. It is also known that herb or plant – that was found effectual – was cultivated in their gardens, so they could directly access that plant whenever required. Aloe, mustard, peppermint and many more plants were cultivated.

Roots of herbal treatment are very deep. Our modern medicine is an evolved form of it but these artificial methods have led to failure of many drug formulas. Not every drug is a success.

When chemicals are combined artificially, they create more adverse effects. In herbs, nature has provided balanced quantity of these chemicals which make them harmless. Because of it, more and more people are returning to herbal medicines. Not only general public, but many researchers and doctors are also trying to find which herb is more effective with the help of modern science.

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