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Free Herbal Software

Searching for websites that will offer free herbal software? There are many readily available, and below are a few of the most notable sites online, where you will access several offers for some of the most well-known herbs and herbal actions.

This site has over 460 herbal remedies, actions, references, and pictures to browse, and access to their free herbal software that describes the herb’s actions, such as from the German Commission E Monographs. It contains a search function that allows the user a speedy search of the herb of choice, and even has lists of the plants alphabetically, for quick browsing. Plus, they provide warnings and known side effects of the some of the herbs listed, for safer consumption. Finally, upgrades are free for registered owners of the free herbal software.

Another site to find a free herbal software trial is The user will have to complete and submit a form they provide, and will receive a message that allows them to access their free herbal software trial version. Furthermore, you are also given some choices for whatever program you are interested in, such as the traditional medicine database, herbbase, nutritional medicine database, and much more.

The last listed website is This site will provide the user a solution for their needs. Their herbal software contains over 450 herbs, which can be accessed in English, Botanical, Ayurvedic, German, French, and Chinese. This website includes the German Commission E Monographs, and the user can access their picture browser too.

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