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Herbal Cosmetics

herbal-cosmeticsHerbal cosmetics have been greatly used for the longest of times, even today. This is because they actually work. These days, they include skin care products, hair care products, herbal bath teas, lotions, creams, powders, and much more.

Herbal cosmetics were used, in a natural form since the ancient times. Most of the ancient women turned to the abundance of nature to help enhance their beauty. It is actually noted that the ancient Romans applied beauty packs of eggs and honey, and the Egyptians used oils and perfumes for increasing their beauty.

These days, many cosmetic counters supply cleansers that are full of artificial, and sometimes unhealthy, ingredients. Therefore, many turn to searching for natural alternatives, in the form of herbal cosmetics.

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Multiple herbs are included, such as chamomile, chervil, fennel, dandelion, lime flowers, and rosemary leaves. All of these herbs help cleanse and mildly astringent skin. With the advent of herbal cosmetics, many experts recommend the infusion these herbal cosmetics with a tea for a lighter and more refreshing rinse, as well as helping relieve irritated skin.

Many herbal cosmetic specialists also suggest the infusion of lavender, mint, thyme, and witch hazel to the natural antiseptics. This formulation will greatly help, especially to those who suffer from frequent skin outbreaks.

As herbal cosmetics continue to create a large impact countless lives, many herbal cosmetics companies have designed herbal baths, which in turn can be made into a spa experience, with the creation of easy bath bags. Herbal cosmetics also have the potential to relieve depression and stress through relaxation and soothing the mind and body. This is one of the many reasons why herbal bath teas became one of the most commonly purchased item on the market.

With the appreciation of herbal cosmetics, many companies have established their own herbal cosmetic portals on the web, so you will definitely find many herbal cosmetics in several forms to suite your needs.

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Herbal Remedies To Treat ACNE

aloeAcne is a very common teenage problem; however, adults can also be its victim. Skin cells produce a protein known as keratin. If skin cells produce it in ample amount, it blocks oil ducts and bacteria start to increase in that area, which lead to pimple formation. Teenagers also develop it because of hormonal changes they face during puberty. It is said that eating oily food may lead to acne; however it has not been proven yet. Chocolates, French fries etc are considered as acne inducers.

Mainly, antibiotics are available for treating acne but these topical treatments are present with many adverse effects. Nature is full of many plants that can help in this condition. Some plants that can help in acne are given below.

  • Aloe

Aloe-vera is a common component of many skin care products because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
How to use:
Apply aloe gel directly to affected area for best results.

  • Burdock

Stems, roots and leaves, every part of burdock is highly effectual. Burdock contains different essential minerals that can enhance sweating and urination. It is a natural diuretic and taken in the form of tea.
How to use:
> Use burdock as a face wash to treat acne.
> Make its tea and with the help of washcloth apply cooled tea to affected area.
> Then rinse your skin by using cool water.

  • Calendula

A natural skin care management system that finds the source of your acne and not only heals the blemishes you have, but also treats future outbreaks that you don’t even see yet!

Calendula is an anti-bacterial agent. It is considered as one effective treatment for many skin conditions. It provides calming effects.
How to use:
>Calendula is present in tea form; make its tea and cool it.
> With the help of cotton or cloth, apply it to your skin.
> Creams of calendula are also available at natural food stores. These creams are highly viscous and applied lightly.

  • Chamomile

Azulene is an anti-inflammatory agent that is present in this flowering herb. For treating acne, it is commonly used as skin wash.
How to use:
> Take cooled chamomile tea.
> With the help of cotton ball, apply it to affected area directly.
> It is also available in skin care product.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit has been known for its medicinal properties for ages. It has strong anti-bacterial properties.
How to use:
> In ½ cup of water, add 5 drops of extract of grapefruit seed.
> Use it as face wash.

  • Lavender

Lavender essential oil has many positive effects. It is an astringent, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It is helpful in burns. It can dry blemishes when applied. It is for mild acne.
How to use:
> Use cotton swab to apply it individually on affected place.
> It is applied directly two times a day.

  • Rose

Roses do not only look beautiful but also have antiseptic properties. They smell great and can treat acne.
How to use:
Rosewater that is prepared with essential oil is easy available in market. Put it in spray bottle and spurt on face.

  • Tea Tree Oil

This oil is obtained from Australian tree. It is used in the form of topical ointment and has same effectiveness as benzoil peroxide. As it is a natural component, it doesn’t produce side effects as benzoil peroxide does.
How to use:
> Clean your skin and dry it.
> Apply this oil to affected area and dry.
> For best result, apply it two times a day.

Things to consider first:

Always use diluted tea tree oil. It is available in diluted form. If you cannot find diluted oil then with 5-15% tea tree oil you can add jojoba oil. Apply it to small skin area first, to check if you are allergic. If you don’t feel irritation or get a rash, you can continue using it. It is not for internal use.

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