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Tea: A Super Drink For Weight Loss


Tea is the second most highly consumed beverage in the world. This aromatic beverage doesn’t provide taste only but has large list of health benefits. It is well-known that tea is capable of providing protection against heart diseases and can work as a stress reliever. Tea can also reduce weight. You may think… How tea is helpful in reducing weight? The answer is given below.

Tea and Weight loss:

Tea directly influences various body functions which makes it a perfect weight loss beverage. Tea is helpful in reducing weight by:

  • Boosting Energy

Tea is a natural energy booster. It provides body with higher energy level without producing any adverse effects. When energy level is high – you exercise extra which burns more fats.

  • Enhancing Metabolic Rate

Increase metabolic rate means increase burning of fat calories. People with naturally enhanced metabolic rate are usually lean. Tea can significantly enhance body metabolic rate. About 80 extra calories can be burned in a day if you consume tea with exercise.

Green tea can increase body metabolism indirectly also. Our body produces a hormone that is known as norepinephrine. This hormone improves metabolic rate that helps to burn more fats. Green tea has a compound called flavonoid, which increases utilization of norepinephrine and thus augments body metabolic rate.

  • Increasing Fat Oxidation Speed

Tea is known to increase fat oxidation speed which further improves fat reduction in body.

These effects are only achievable by consuming 3 to 5 cups of green tea daily. When comparison of placebo and green tea was done, it was seen that placebo group didn’t develop any difference in their body metabolic rate whereas green tea consumers showed improve metabolism.

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Why tea is an excellent product to add in your diet plan?

Tea can produce outstanding results if added in daily diet plan. It doesn’t produce any side effects which are produced by weight loss pills and powders. Tea should be added in your diet plan because

  • It enhances energy without the need of any harmful steroid supplement.
  • It strengthens body natural defense mechanism. It boosts immune system without any harmful effects.
  • It reduces arthritis and acts as anti-inflammatory agent. This property helps to reduce chance of developing inflammatory diseases.
  • It lessens risk of cancer.
  • It fulfills daily water requirement of body.

Which tea to select is up to you and your body needs. If caffeine doesn’t suit you best, try to take decaffeinated tea. If little caffeine is good for you then take normal tea. Tea is helpful in reducing some extra pounds without increasing risk of different diseases. It is better than weight loss pills in every single way. Weight loss pills are even reported to produce heart diseases and addiction.

If you are searching for the best and highly safe method to reduce some extra pounds, tea is what you need. Even if you are not planning for any diet plan, consume tea daily because it can keep your body in shape by improving various physiological functions.

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Herbs in Human History

Nymphaea_stellata,_MyanmarFrom the inception of life on earth man has existed in a symbiotic relationship with the plant kingdom. We have always depended on plants for food and medicine and they’ve always relied upon us to assist them with their propagation. The earliest human societies were hunter-gatherers who chose their migratory routes according to the availability of the fruit and nuts which formed their staple diet. Plants benefited from this arrangement as the people discarded seeds and kernels and thus increased their distribution.

Plants have been with humans every step of the way. Some of the earliest evidence of this can be seen in the cave paintings and hieroglyphs of ancient civilizations. Plant motifs in ancient art are in a sense the signatures of a society, and their appearance naturally prompts the researcher to ask questions. Why, for example, were the ancient Egyptians so fascinated by the Blue Lilly? It was obviously an important part of Egyptian life, as it is ubiquitous in their art (hieroglyphs and paintings), often depicted entwined around wine goblets. It frequently appeared in paintings of sex scenes and parties, and its blossoms were found strewn over the body of Tutankhamun when the casket was opened in 1922.

This discovery led archaeologists to focus on the plant in the context of Egyptian royalty and religious worship. Plants have indeed always been associated with the belief systems and rituals held by a group. More recent scientific research, however, has found that the Blue Lilly blossom contains a compound which is soluble in alcohol, and that a psychoactive solution is produced when the blossoms are infused in wine. The Blue Lilly may well have been revered by the priesthood and royalty, however the appearance of the flower in paintings of bawdy scenes, when looked at in the light of modern scientific research, perhaps indicates that the Blue Lilly was also simply a popular aphrodisiac; an ancient Egyptian party drug.

The mysterious case of the Blue Lilly serves to illustrate a point. Plants have been used by people of all classes in myriad and complex ways throughout history.

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How to Make Herbal Therapy More Effective?


Herbs are alternative of modern medicines. They are available easily and known to have better results than synthetic drugs because they produce less or no adverse effects. Herbal medicines are indeed helpful in diverse diseases but they must be taken with care. Human body is very sensitive and reacts to almost everything. Make sure that herb you take produce positive response.
There are certain things that can be done to make herbal treatment more effective. Things you can do are:

  • Make sure to take right herb

Some herbs are dangerous and in ample amount they may produce much harm to your body. Make sure you take right herb.

  • Choose herbal companies wisely

On internet, you may find different companies offering diverse herbal products. What every company is claiming is not true. Invest wisely and only select those companies that are reputable.

  • Maintain healthy life

If you want good outcomes from herbal treatment, maintaining healthy life is necessary. Simple treatment is not enough when you are taking help from herbs. Eat balance diet and exercise daily to obtain better results.

  • Know correct quantity

Anything below or above normal cannot produce much effectiveness. Take herb in a quantity that is recommended for it. Exceeding the optimum amount may lead to adverse effects instead.

  • Talk to your doctor

Don’t take any herb with your routine medicine before asking your doctor. If you are planning to take any herbal medicine, it is recommended to take doctor’s advice because synthetic drugs and herbal medicines can interact and produce harm to body.

  • Do as directed

Directions of using particular herbal medicine are given on its package. If you don’t find it, don’t try to use it in your own way. Search online, you will find information about any medicine. It is better to search than to use herb in a wrong way.

  • Check if you are allergic

Allergies vary from person to person. It is not necessary that if one herb suited your friend, it will also produce same results for you. To test if it is good, take herb in smaller quantity first. If no rash or other allergic symptoms appear, continue using it as recommended.

Herbs are beneficial, they can treat many diseases but it is also necessary to go to doctor. If you are taking herbal medicine alone or in combination with any other synthetic medicine, it is good to consult your doctor. Your health is important and nobody knows about health better than a doctor.

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Relation of Herbal Treatment and Modern Medicine


In the present time, we are able to cure diseases which were used to be fatal. For instance, malaria had been an incurable disease once; now it can be treated with the help of easily available anti-malarial drugs. Journey to malaria cure has been started when bark of cinchona tree found to be effective against it. Willow bark is a natural pain killer that had been used in old times; aspirin is its replica nowadays. Advancement in modern medicine has only become possible because of herbal remedies that our ancestors used.
Plants were not a food source only in our past; they were used to cure diseases and different ailments. Herbs helped our specie to survive different pandemics. As our ancestors used different herbs, they became more aware and selective in choosing a plant for cure. With their experiences, they came to know which part of the plant is beneficial for them and which part is not. When people started to travel, better remedies came into being. They learned more and ideas were exchanged. This improved herbal treatment greatly.

History tells us that our ancestors used plants for treatment. Archeologists provided us with evidence for that. Plants were used for treatment in almost every part of the world. At that time, there was no communicating system like we have today. But still, history showed that their ways of herbal treatment were almost same.

Herbs that were proved beneficial were remembered and passed down in a family. People learned that way of treatment and generations got benefit from it. Some herbal treatment techniques were also found in written form. It is also known that herb or plant – that was found effectual – was cultivated in their gardens, so they could directly access that plant whenever required. Aloe, mustard, peppermint and many more plants were cultivated.

Roots of herbal treatment are very deep. Our modern medicine is an evolved form of it but these artificial methods have led to failure of many drug formulas. Not every drug is a success.

When chemicals are combined artificially, they create more adverse effects. In herbs, nature has provided balanced quantity of these chemicals which make them harmless. Because of it, more and more people are returning to herbal medicines. Not only general public, but many researchers and doctors are also trying to find which herb is more effective with the help of modern science.

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